While playing emotional cards «Emuno», you will easily learn how to

  • Be aware of your emotions
  • Manage emotions and conditions
  • Be self-aware
  • Be confident
  • Enjoy communicating with other people
  • Solve various tasks easily

And as a result, significantly increase your level of emotional intelligence, which means you will become much happier

The transformational game «Emuno» will help you:

to increase your self-esteem

to learn to control yourself

to be stress-proof

to learn to communicate properly

to be in an emotional balance

to create harmonious relationships

to achieve excellent results in your job

to be happy

While playing «Emuno» you will

  • Train your self-awareness
  • Begin to predict and manage your life
  • Break free from emotional blind spots
  • Gain deep knowledge about yourself
  • Learn new strategies of managing your emotions (talking through and experiencing)
  • Improve your goal achievement strategies
  • Begin to listen to your desires and correctly distribute your efforts (energy)
  • Learn to feel and experience emotions with benefit

Are these situations familiar to you?

  • I’m easily annoyed, often unsatisfied with myself and other people …

  • I have so many things to do that I just burst …

  • My income is not as high as I would like it to be …

  • I get offended often, and I can’t do anything about it …

  • I would like to progress much faster in the professional field, but I can’t do it …

  • I lack confidence in myself …

  • There is a desire in me to change something, but there is no understanding of how and for what …

  • I do not know how to manage my condition and emotions …

So many different situations, and there is only one reason – a low level of Emotional Intelligence!

For whom «Emuno» is designed?

Playing with children and partners creates an atmosphere of trust, helps to know each other better, cope with conflict situations, speak through topics that cause various emotions and laugh at their imperfections together.

«Emuno» is a great tool for self-development of emotional intelligence and reflection. Technology, wired into a certain sequence and form of questions, start a more accurate process of sequential changes and bring the utmost clarity. A systematic view of the emotional sphere of a person gives one confidence and stimulates the desire to act in accordance with true values.

Questions related to emotions help determine values and needs, find motivation, and start a process of change. Transformational technologies used in Emuno, can be an excellent incentive to improve the game and improve the quality of its hosting.

“Emuno” was created for those people who understand the value of emotional development and aim to live a rich and interesting life, to have a close contact with people and a positive emotional background. The “Emuno” deck itself can be an excellent tool for self-development, Emotions Coach, for working out difficult life situations.

Additional materials for players about feelings and needs

Send the code printed on the box to info@emuno.ru and in response to your letter we will send you interesting author materials about Emotional Intelligence, feelings and needs.

The feedbacks from the participants of the «Emuno» game

This game is so me! It’s the first time I’ve played a game in which the goal is to be me. There is no need pretending to be someone else. You can just enjoy the sincerity of being yourself.

The game creates a very open atmosphere, and when you listen to the emotional stories of other people, you realize that you’ve also been there, done that! And magnificent discoveries about the «guilt» and the «resentment» feelings, about how similar they are and how thin the line between them is!

But the «responsibility» and the «gratitude» made a «discovery of the century» for me — I never thought that you could reach such a clear understanding of feelings that are so complex and unknown to you! Now it’s much clearer how to deal with it.

And also it became easier to understand and accept other people.

Victoria Semenova

I couldn’t even imagine that there is some structure in emotions. The game showed it to me on my own examples. It was as if I had opened a «soul room» in which I had never been before and had not even suspected its existence until a certain moment…

Questions, of course, are very strong. It is impossible to answer incorrectly to «What valuable have you lost?», since your mind responds with an immediate answer. And if it’s the right one — tears come. The body turned out to be an amazing «indicator of truth.»

It’s hard to believe that being in tune with your feelings can help to make decisions easily and to stop doubting them. The coaching approach works really great with emotions. It brings the clarity which was always lacking.

Thank you!

Artyom Dmitriev

At first, the game caused a lot of resistance. It turns out that it takes some serious efforts to recall real life situations with the asked emotions and feelings. But if you overcome this laziness, then the real objectivity is revealed!

I realized that most of my ideas about myself are made up and based on speculatons and not facts. I realized that most of the emotions, that I experience, are part of the «Guilt». I realized that when I talk about happy events, I don’t allow the joy to be fully expressed, and again this relates to the «Guilt».

I noticed also that I have a lot of difficulties with the other manifestation of Tenderness, sometimes I can’t even bring myself to say the words of love. Things aren’t looking good with the Desire, as well. I understand now my lack of «passion» and goals. What a powerful game!

I am writing this review a week later, but I still have moments of enlightenment.

Alexey V.

For the first time I meet such a coherent system that explains emotions and feelings. As well as questions that hit exactly the target. Well, the goal is naturally to separate reality from illusion. How wrong was I about my emotions! How much am I still driven by my Resentment!

The game showed me that my «usual» interaction with people is done from the position of the «Offended». It is not easy at all to admit it. And it happened due to the deep and sincere format of the game. Your steps towards true yourself are as much possible, as you are ready to take off the masks and open yourself.

And it was so cool to hear the stories which are the same as yours, word for word including the emotional reactions. It really brings people together and the company you played with becomes so close and supportive.

I realized that this is exactly what I needed – a simple, human, sincere communication about me! And this game is an ideal format to get to know yourself closer.

Svetlana Slavina

Long-term benefits of «Emuno»:

  • Development of the habit of recognizing emotions and their connection with true values
  • Skills in managing deep meanings and quickly finding new ones
  • Liberation from illusions and conscious influence on reality
  • Sincerity in relationships with people and yourself
  • Simplicity and efficiency of communication

What’s inside the box?




complex feelings


basic emotions


intensities of emotions

How to play «Emuno»?

  1. The possible amount of players is from 2 to 8 people.
  2. All players are dealt 9 cards.
  3. In turn, the cards are laid out with the appropriate symbols of emotions and an explanation of the situations in which they were experienced.
  4. Different cards offer different actions that lead to an increase or decrease of cards in your hand.
  5. The goal of the game is to get rid of emotions and feelings, «let them stay in the past.»
  6. The best outcome of the game is clarity regarding your emotions and life situations and readiness for new challenges

The creators of «Emuno»

Евгений Захаров

Evgeny Zakharov

  • Certified Coach (ICU, ICN, STC)
  • Certified Trainer Practitioner Master of NLP (ICU)
  • Certified Trainer of the International Category of Enneagram
  • Practicing psychologist (SU, Sophia — Experimental and genetic psychology)
  • System Coach and Organizational Consultant (ICSS, Higher School of Psychology (Moscow), Wiesloch Institute for System Solutions (WISS, Germany)
  • More than 2000 hours of professional training in various areas of psychology and coaching
  • Active coaching practice and training since 2008
  • Over the past 6 years I spent more than 600 training days, it is about 6,000 academic hours of study
  • 16 author programs using author teaching methods, transformations and development of EQ
  • Head of the Natural Development Portal Ecoach.by
  • Author of ECA-Assistant EQ
Инна Захарова

Inna Zakharova

  • Certified Coach (ICU, CCG)
  • Certified ICTA Trainer, trainer of Enneagram, Coaching and NLP, CCG accredited trainer
  • Active coaching practice and training since 2012
  • Host of 3 long-term Enneagram programs «Enneagram is not for everyone», «Ennea-HR» and Emotional Intelligence program «Practices of conscious living of emotions», co-lead of the program «Transformational Ennea-Coach Practitioner», «Transformational Trainer», «Man and woman. A freely chosen union», «Parents and children. Family as a territory of love.”
  • Leading coach-trainer of the natural development portal Ecoach.by
  • Author of ECA-Assistant EQ

What happens to you while playing «Emuno»?

  • You experience and talk through emotions instead of ignoring and repressing them.
  • You notice which life topics are painful for you or, on the contrary, inspiring.
  • You realize what emotions are a serious challenge for you, and therefore can be a resource in the future.
  • You realize what values and beliefs stand behind your feelings and emotions.
  • You understand what you can do to feel differently.
  • The game always goes in an emotional way and therefore the discoveries made there are easily remembered.
  • The game stimulates strategies of self-exploration and awareness increase. This experience is usefull in real life.

Why does it work?

It has long been known that a high level of Emotional Intelligence is a necessary condition for a successful and happy life.

Why «Emuno» emotional cards?

It's fast

After 2 hours of plaing the game you will get acquainted with all the emotions and feelings

It is effective

While playing, you will learn new skills much faster than you would in a traditional way

It's fun

You play in the company of interesting people

The main goals of Emuno game set are to develop your Emotional Intelligence and acquire Emotional Immunity:

  • quickly

  • effectively

  • guaranteed

  • forever

Get the most effective tool for the development of Emotional Intelligence!

Use the power of emotions to achieve your goals!

Use your «Emotional Immunity» to confront negativity!

Emuno Light

  • 101 cards
  • 33 “feelings” cards and the minimum of “intensities of emotions” cards

Emuno Light Lux

  • 101 cards
  • 33 “feelings” cards and the minimum of “intensities of emotions” cards in a beautiful leather case

Emuno Full

  • 213 cards
  • White deck with Emotional chamomile and a full set (66 feelings)

Emuno Full Lux (out of stock)

  • 213 cards
  • Full set in an expensive leather case

How to buy?

  1. You can pay for the selected set via PayPal by clicking on the «Buy Now» button
  2. We confirm your postal address, check the shipping cost to send you a game set by mail (usually arrives in 1.5-2 weeks). You pay for shipping and we send you a package within 1-2 days.
  3. You register your package here and receive an email with additional materials about EQ, feelings, emotions and needs.
  4. Enjoy playing with your friends and family while using the time to your advantage.
  5. The purchased kit cannot be used for public and commercial purposes. Designs and models are protected by the copyright.